Are laptops allowed in checked baggage?

You’re about to board your plane for a long trip. Your laptop is in your carry-on bag, but it’s not allowed through the checkpoint. The airline says you need to bring it with you—but what do you do? Here are four tips to help you figure out if your laptop is allowed in checked luggage.

What is the Purpose of Laptop Check-In.

The purpose of laptop check-in is to allow passengers who have their laptops with them on board the airplane to use the devices while they are in the air. The policy varies by airline, but most airlines require that laptops be placed in a carry-on bag and placed under the seat in front of the passenger.

What is the Laptop Policy

Most airlines also provide a return policy if your laptop is not accepted for check-in or you have to send it back because of a mistake made during checkout. If you have to send your laptop back, make sure you include your original receipt and all documents that prove it was used in connection with your travel.

What is the Check-In Fee.

For a short trip, the check-in fee is usually waived. However, for longer trips that exceed 8 days in duration, the check-in fee may apply. The check-in fee for a domestic flight ranges from $8 to $40, depending on the airline. For international flights, the fee typically ranges from $24 to $68.

What is the Check-In Procedure

The check-in procedure varies depending on whether you are checking in online or by phone. In order to check in online, you will need your passport and boarding pass(s). After clicking on “Check In”, you will be taken to a verification page where you will need to provide your name, passport number (if required), and country of origin (e.g., United States). Once your information is verified, you will be redirected to the airport website where you can print out your boarding pass and use it at the checkpoint. If you are checking in by phone, please follow these steps:

First step: Dial 1-800-USA-HOLIDAY (1-800-225-4357) and ask for “Checking In”.

Second step: When asked for your passport number (or other required information), enter 7 digits – including 0–9 (e.g., 0723456789).

Third step: Next enter your name and contact information such as address and phone number into the provided fields

Fourth step: Click on “Confirm Check In” button and wait until prompted for additional information

After completing all four steps, click on “Finish Check In” button and wait until prompted for payment type

After completing the payment process, you will be redirected to the airport website where you can print out your boarding pass and use it at the checkpoint.

How to Check Laptop Luggage for a Flight.

If you are travelling with a laptop, it is best to check luggage for the flight in advance. At the airport, ask for help finding your bag or take your laptop directly to the baggage claim area. There, you will be able to search through and inspect your belongings for any signs of damage or theft.

If you are travelling with a laptop on an airplane, be sure to have it checked in by using the following steps:

1. Check online at baggage/check-in/ how to check your laptop luggage for check-in at an airport .

2. If flying on United Airlines, go online at service/how-to-check-in and print out their “Checking Laptop Bag” form .

3. When checking in through United’s website, please enter your name and email address (if different from your driver’s license or passport), as well as check in code 666 .

How to Check Laptop Luggage on the Road

If you are travelling with a laptop on the road, make sure to follow these simple steps:

1. Remove all liquids and gels from your laptop computer bag before leaving home

2. Lock all doors of your vehicle when traveling with your computer

3. Keep any valuable files off of the seatback or floor where your laptop will sit

4. Avoid places where your laptop could be easily stolen, like on the train or in a hotel room


Laptop Check-In is a service offered by different airport terminals in order to check the luggage of passengers travelling with laptops. The fee varies depending on the length of the trip, and the Check-In Procedure involves boarding your laptop and then walking through security checkpoint.

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